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Implementation Analysis of the pilot scheme: Promotion of low-skilled young adults

The implementation study is directed towards a project, that tries to avoid an abruption of the qualification processes of longterm unemployed because of a lack of motivation, a lack of the power of endurance or fear of excesive demands on the part oft he participants. The project pays premia, deploys qualificationcoaches and splits the process into short modules to do so. Furthermore the quality of the certificats is enhanced by integrating the IHKs. The implementation study explores, which types of crises of which participants can be solved by the different instruments. In the length of time all central actor groups of the project are being interviewed. The implementation study has a strong explorative character and tries to reconstruct the overall shape the project develops during it´s realisation. It concentrates on crises and solutions during the process. Thus it enables further qualification projects to learn from this „model“.

None (ongoing project)

Conducted by: Dr. Philipp Fuchs

Commissioned by: Ministerium für Arbeit, Integration und Soziales des Landes NRW (MAIS NRW)

Duration: January 2018 to December 2020

Status: ongoing

Cooperation partners : IAB-NRW

Farid HosseiniImplementation Analysis of the pilot scheme: Promotion of low-skilled young adults
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