Kalvelage, GeorgResearch Associate, Cologne

Georg Kalvelage studied Social Sciences and Law (B.A.) with a focus on Sociology and Empirical Social Research (M.Sc.) at the University of Bielefeld, the University of Cologne and the University of British Columbia. His research interests are in the area of labour market research, with a focus on vocational education and training (VET) and qualification development. In addition to his thematic focus, he works particularly on the implementation of quantitative research designs. Mr. Kalvelage joined ISG in 2016 and has since been primarily engaged in monitoring and evaluating social and economic policy interventions, especially in the context of the European Social Fund (ESF).

Selected Publications

  • Bennett, Jenny, Annika Ehler, Stefan Feldens, Katrin Hunger, Georg Kalvelage, Christian Loschelder, Uta Micic, Friedrich Scheller, Anne-Marie Scholz, Hendrik Trautmann, Hans Verbeek und Jürgen Viedenz (2017): Europäischer Sozialfonds. Übergeordneter Evaluationsbericht 2017. Bayern 2014-2020. Perspektiven in Bayern – Perspektiven in Europa. URL: https://www.esf.bayern.de/imperia/md/content/stmas/esf/evaluationszwischenbericht_2017final.pdf
  • Kalvelage, Georg und Friedrich Scheller (2017): Europäischer Sozialfonds. Evaluation der Förderaktion 1 „Förderung von Ausbildungsstellen. Erster Zwischenbericht. Bayern 2014-2020. Perspektiven in Bayern – Perspektiven in Europa. URL: https://www.esf.bayern.de/imperia/md/content/stmas/esf/180227evaluationsberichtfa1-1.zwischenbericht_final.pdf
  • Sattler, Kai und Georg Kalvelage (2017): Evaluationsbericht zum Fachkursprogramm im Rahmen der Evaluierung des Operationellen Programms des Europäischen Sozialfonds in Baden-Württemberg 2014-2020. URL: https://www.esf-bw.de/esf/fileadmin/user_upload/Foerderperiode_2014-2020/Der_ESF_FP_2014-20/Evaluation_und_Monitoring/171020_Evaluierung_A5-1_Fachkurse_Kurzbericht.pdf

Projects of Georg Kalvelage